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Contact the tree removal professionals in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

For professional tree removal services for competitive prices in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast, Kiwi Tree Lopping is who to call.

Tree Removal

kiwi tree lopping tree removal
Here at Kiwi Tree Lopping, our team has extensive training and experience in safe tree removal. Using the latest techniques in climbing and rigging, communication through radio headsets and reliable equipment ensures the safety of our staff and the public. This also means we are able to remove dangerous or unwanted trees efficiently without damage to property or surrounding vegetation.

Storm Damage, Emergency & insurance Work

kiwi tree lopping storm damage and emergency
We have experience working with insurance companies and responding to emergency situations. Our staff are trained in electrical awareness and first aid and are available for immediate response in emergency situations. If lives or property are in immediate danger, always contact local emergency services first followed by your insurance company.

Stump Grinding

kiwi tree lopping stump grinding
The most efficient way to remove unsightly tree stumps left behind after trees have been cut down is to grind them below ground level. We have a variety of stump grinders to suit every need depending on access available or size of the tree stump.

Complete stump removal

kiwi tree lopping complete stump removal
This is usually done when stump grinding is not sufficient e.g. when building a structure in the area of the stump or roots. Here at Kiwi Tree Lopping we have a 22 tonne excavator available for large complete stump removal and land clearing. We also have a smaller 3 tonne excavator for situations with limited access.

Mulch sales

kiwi tree lopping mulch sales brisbane
We have a constant supply of aged forest mulch ready for delivery at very competitive prices. Also fresh mulch is available if requested.

Equipment and machinery

We use the following equipment for our professional tree removal services across the Brisbane and Gold Coast area:   

  • 4x 12 tonne tipper trucks that hold up to 33m3 of mulch each
  • 3x Bandit 18" wood chipper
  • 1x Bandit 30" wood chipper
  • John deer bobcat
  • 22 tonne Kobelco excavator
  • 3 tonne Hitachi excavator
  • Bandit stump grinder
  • Kanga loader
  • Cherry picker
kiwi tree lopping equipment and machinery

Tree trimming and pruning

We can provide a number of tree trimming services that help to promote growth, prevent thinning and to add shape to the tree. These include:

  • Raising the canopy
  • Crown reduction
  • Thinning
  • Selective pruning
  • Shaping
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